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New Penalties for Apartment Residents

New Penalties for Apartment Residents

Last Updated on 20 февраля, 2024 by Ideal Editor

Know Your Noise Levels: New Penalties for Apartment Residents in 2024!

Attention, fellow apartment dwellers! Are you tired of dealing with noisy neighbours who disturb your peace and tranquility? Well, the Condominium Law has something to say about it, and there are significant new penalties for apartment residents who fail to adhere to the regulations. Let’s delve into the details of the penalties for making noise at home in 2024.

Understanding the Condominium Law: The Condominium Law emphasizes the mutual obligation among neighbours not to disturb each other. This includes noise disturbances caused by loud music, television, and phone conversations that exceed the limits set in apartment buildings. If you find yourself bothered by noisy neighbours, there’s a clear course of action to address the issue.

Penalties for Noise Disturbances: As of 2024, the penalties for making noise at home have been defined by the Communiqué on Administrative Fines published in the Official Gazette on December 28th. The Environmental Law prohibits noise that goes beyond specified standards, disturbing the peace, tranquillity, and physical and mental health of residents.

The fines for noise violations in 2024 are as follows:
  1. Residences causing noise and vibration in violation of standards: 7,667 Turkish Liras
  2. Transport vehicles: 23,155 Turkish Liras
  3. Workplaces and workshops: 77,372 Turkish Liras
  4. Factories, construction sites, and entertainment noise: 232,264 Turkish Liras

Individuals and organizations need to comply with these regulations and take necessary measures to minimize noise in various settings.

Recourse for Continued Noise Issues: If the noise persists despite fines, there are further steps you can take. You have the option to apply to the Civil Court of Peace and request a prohibition on your noisy neighbour. Additionally, Article 25 of the Condominium Law empowers all floor owners to come together and take legal action against the noisy neighbour if the problem persists.

It is important to be aware of your rights and the consequences of creating noise disturbances within apartment buildings to maintain a peaceful living environment. By following these regulations, you can take appropriate action against noisy neighbours and help to foster a harmonious community. Keep yourself informed, follow the rules, and enjoy a quieter and more comfortable living space in 2024!

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