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2024 rental income tax

2024 Rental Income Tax

Decoding the 2024 Rental Income Tax for Property Owners in Turkey With the looming tax season, property owners in Turkey are buzzing with anticipation, especially those who earned more than 21 thousand TL in rental income last year. As the declaration period kicks off, numerous questions arise regarding the specifics of the 2024 rental income tax. In this blog post, we'll delve into the essential details...

Turkey Ranks 3rd among Russians

Turkey Ranks 3rd among Russians

Turkey Ranks 3rd among Russians' Housing Preferences! Russia's interest in Turkish properties has become more prominent in the global real estate market. According to official data from Yandex Nedvijimost, Turkey Ranks 3rd among Russians as the preferred location for housing. This finding is part of a larger study that examines the countries where Russian nationals are actively searching for...

New Penalties for Apartment Residents

New Penalties for Apartment Residents

Know Your Noise Levels: New Penalties for Apartment Residents in 2024! Attention, fellow apartment dwellers! Are you tired of dealing with noisy neighbours who disturb your peace and tranquility? Well, the Condominium Law has something to say about it, and there are significant new penalties for apartment residents who fail to adhere to the regulations. Let's delve into the details of the penalties for...

Independent Parcels of Property

Independent Parcels of Property

What is an independent parcel of property or a detached parcel of property? "Independent parcels of property play a significant role in real estate and land ownership. Important details about what an independent parcel is and whether a house can be built on this land are topics that need to be known and covered in our news." Real estate terms are concepts encountered frequently in property...

Proje Aşamasında Gayrimenkul

Недвижимость на стадии строительства. Преимущества покупки

Если вы интересуетесь инвестициями в недвижимость Турции, возможно, вы уже думали о покупке на стадии строительства. Недвижимость на стадии строительства - это объекты недвижимости, которые еще не были сданы в...

Buying an Apartment

Покупка квартиры в Турции

Купить квартиру в Турции намного проще, чем вам кажется. Иностранные инвестиции в рынок недвижимости Турции набирают обороты. В последние годы Турция, расположенная между Европой и Азией, все больше привлекает внимание...

Uluslararası Gayrimenkul Hisse Senedi Borsası

Международная фондовая биржа недвижимости

Турция запускает международную биржу недвижимости, что позволит продавать недвижимость в стране по всему миру. В 2017 году вице-премьер Нуреттин Джаникли заявил, что банки сталкиваются с трудностями при финансировании...

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