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Turkey Emerges as Southern Europe’s Leading Tourism Destination

Turkey Emerges as Southern Europe's Leading Tourism Destination

Last Updated on 26 мая, 2024 by Ideal Editor

Turkey Emerges as Southern Europe’s Leading Tourism Destination

Turkey has cemented its position as a top-performing country in travel and tourism, both globally and in Europe, according to the Travel and Tourism Development Index (TTDI) 2024 report, Turkey Emerges as Southern Europe’s Leading Tourism Destination.

The latest index, published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in partnership with the University of Surrey, highlights Turkey’s significant progress in the tourism sector. Climbing eight places from the previous year, Turkey now ranks 29th out of 119 countries.

Remarkable Improvements and Global Recognition

With an impressive score of 4.39 percent, Turkey surpassed the global average by 10.6 percent and the European average by 3 percent. This achievement positions Turkey as the leading country in southern Europe, ahead of other notable destinations such as Croatia, Italy, Malta, and Spain.

A Leap in Prioritization and Infrastructure

One of the standout metrics for Turkey is its prioritization of travel and tourism, where it made a remarkable 14 per cent improvement. This leap has seen Turkey rise 18 places to become the second-highest in the world for this indicator. Additionally, Turkey’s air transport infrastructure has shown substantial progress, rising 10 places to secure the 8th spot globally.

Cultural and Natural Riches

Turkey’s rich cultural heritage continues to be a strong point, maintaining its 13th place in the cultural assets indicator. The country also advanced in non-leisure resources, moving up seven spots to 16th place. In terms of natural resources, Turkey surged 24 places, now ranking 32nd globally.

Sustainability and Future Prospects

The WEF’s updated index, which emphasizes sustainability more than ever, reflects Turkey’s ongoing efforts to develop a sustainable tourism sector. The report identifies areas for improvement such as price competitiveness, tourist services, infrastructure, safety, human resources, demand sustainability, and the business environment.

Turkey’s impressive rise in the TTDI rankings showcases its commitment to enhancing its travel and tourism sector. «Through continuous improvements and a focus on sustainability, Turkey is set to strengthen its position as a premier destination in southern Europe and beyond.»

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